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Kasigau Corridor Community Education Programs

The most crucial element to Wildlife Work’s conservation success is our community outreach and education programs.

Theatre education is the most recent addition to our community outreach activities. The Talent Nurtures Troupe (TNT), a theatre group from Voi, a town 30 minutes west of our project area has partnered with Wildlife Works to spread awareness of conservation and the REDD project.

The Talent Nurtures Troupe from the town of Voi

TNT have much experience in entertaining and educational skits and have received a great deal of attention for their excellent work. In November, the 8 actors (3 ladies and 5 men) came to Rukinga Ranch for an orientation day, in which they gathered material for the WW skit. Following this, they wrote a 30-minute skit about the importance of protecting trees, which they first performed in February at Baguta Village.

Since then, they have performed the play, as well as sung, danced and rapped, at four other locations, including Miasenyi, Kajire, Rukanga, and Sgalla, and are scheduled for numerous other locations in the near future. “The plays have been received with great enthusiasm and success,” said Mr. Joseph Mwakima, Community Outreach Officer at WW. “Theatre is a great way to involve all people, young and old, and we hope to really communicate the importance of conservation through this form of art.”

Wildlife Works also recently launched the In-School Awareness Action Program. Through this, our Community Outreach team, Mr. Laurian Lenjo and Mr. Joseph Mwakima, have visited 19 primary schools in the Kasigau and Marungu location since January.

Equipped with a generator, projector and computer, Lenjo and Joseph teach students about the Kasigau Corridor REDD project and the science behind it. Having personal contact and educating students is a great way to spread awareness and get them involved. Many of the children have heard of Wildlife Works, but are unclear of their actual undertakings. This platform gives them an opportunity to ask questions and learn about climate change.

Furthermore, it is also a chance for the students to show their potential and to make themselves known to Lenjo and Joseph, who take note of bright students for possible future sponsorships. Our Community Outreach team has scheduled eight more visits in the next two months in the other locations and will continue their program until they have covered all secondary schools.

These are highlights from our Kasigau Corridor Community Newsletter. Download the full newsletter here or clicking on the cover image below. 

Download the May 2012 Wildlife Works Kasigau Corridor Newsletter by clicking on this image.

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