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Update on Ijema, Our Injured Ranger

Thank you to all who donated to the families of Ijema, our injured ranger, and Abdi, our ranger who suffered a fatal gunshot wound. We received an outpouring of heartfelt messages from all over the world as well as generous donations that totaled $6781, which has been passed on to both families on your behalf.

Abdi’s family will also benefit from Wildlife Works hiring one of their family members, Ali Adoww, who is currently being trained as a ranger.

Wildlife Works has put Ijema up in a comfortable home in town and is supporting him through his recovery, including the surgeries to repair his shoulder. The titanium shoulder was donated by an Australian doctor and the replacement surgery is scheduled for June of this year. Other good news is that he has regained mobility in his hand and is surrounded by many friends and colleagues.

Ijema has a lot to smile about these days!

Ijema (pictured above) wanted to pass along this message to you, “Thank you all for your support. Poaching is a serious problem and we need to do everything in our power to stop those participating in this harmful activity. Please help us to raise awareness around the world.”

Ijema catching up with Head Ranger Eric.

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  • Bhbk

    I’m working on a wneeekd for me, after so many wneeekds of others and their needs.Not to mention the thousands of details that come with working as a butler, and working catering as well!It’s important to have that wneeekd off once in a while so you don’t feel like you work EVERY wneeekd for others-especially in the summer. I want to have fresh food,flowers,beverages,fruits,and vegetables and the time to sit at a table and get a new look at them and enjoy the tastes and scents and the pure luxury of stillness while doing so.Turbocharges your mind and your creative soul-not to mention your service heart!

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