Meet Olivia Adhiambo: Director of Climate Policy for Africa

Olivia Adhiambo, Director of Climate Policy for Africa

Meet Olivia Adhiambo, our Director of Climate Policy for Africa. Olivia, who’s been with Wildlife Works since June of 2023, has a nuanced understanding of climate policy and is passionate about community-led conservation, making her an invaluable part of the Wildlife Works team. Olivia also recently spoke with “Boots on the Ground” podcast host Soyiantet Dibble Lesalon about the path that led her to community-led conservation, her experience in policy, and what a typical work day as Africa Region Climate Policy Director for Wildlife Works entails. You can listen to their conversation here.

What are some of your key experiences from past roles?

“Growing up adjacent to one of the largest slums in Africa, I developed a passion for social justice and a desire to make a positive change. I am trained as an environmental planner and have an MA in Environmental Planning and Management.“

What have you seen that makes you believe REDD+ is a viable solution to the climate and biodiversity crises?

“REDD+ is one of the ways I have seen private finance flow to communities. The recovery and restoration of biodiversity in once-degraded landscapes is also a testament that REDD+ is working not only for people but for wildlife.”

What inspired you to join Wildlife Works?

“The climate crisis is urgent and is a market-based problem. I have been a big fan of WW and was inspired to join the company as it is community-centred with market-based approaches.”

What message would you like carbon market stakeholders to understand about forest nation governments’ engagement with the carbon market?

“In my obervation most countries are willing to engage and to listen to carbon market stakeholders, in order to develop responsive products and markets. I can tell that in the coming years the VCM will be vibrant and dynamic because of this willingness.”

What gives you hope that humanity can overcome the challenges of climate change and the biodiversity crisis?

“Young people give me hope. The level of interest and innovation that is coming from the youth in communities is inspiring and gives hope.”

What book are you currently reading?

“I am currently reading Think Like a Tree by Sarah Spencer and On Black Sisters Street by Chika Unigwe. Think like a tree is teaching me how to live a balanced life, using examples from nature.”


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