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Carbon Credit Sales Fund New Desks to Two Schools In the Kasigau Corridor

Education matters! Wildlife Works is constantly trying to tackle barriers hundreds of children face when accessing education in our Kasigau Corridor REDD+ Project. Many pupils at schools in our project area struggled to learn, often because they didn’t have desks and were forced to write on their laps or on the floor during their lessons.

Pupils at Mgalani Primary School in their new desks.

This is Meli Kubwa Primary School and Mgalani Primary school, located in a remote location of our project area. When we arrived, the pupils and school administration from Meli Kubwa Primary School welcomed us with songs and dance from the vibrant maasai community which forms majority of the school’s population.

Staff from Meli Kubwa Primary School give a welcoming with a Maasai dance.

In a school that is only 6 years old, students had been struggling to learn with their original school desks most of which were cracked, too small or not in good condition. This led the school administration to appeal to Wildlife Works Locational Carbon Committee for new desks. The situation has also been the same for Mgalani Primary School where many students had to previously sit on the floor during classes. Wildlife Works has addressed this crisis by utilizing carbon sales to fund the purchase of adequate desks and chairs for students in these schools.

Pupils from Mgalani Primary School receiving their new desks.

Every day, thousands of students in rural Kenya struggle to learn while sitting on the floor or on the ground. These new desks, where they can comfortably learn, are a first step towards improving access to education.

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