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Wildlife Works Anti-Poaching Pilot Spots Injured Elephant

Oct 8, 2015 : Rukinga, Kenya:

This morning Wildlife Works’ anti poaching pilot Keith Hellyer, spotted this bull elephant in serious trouble on the sanctuary. The elephant was resting in the thicket alone, with a large lump on his side, which was feared to be an infection from a poison arrow. The elephant was unresponsive to the aircraft, a clear sign that he was in severe pain.


Wildlife Works ground team immediately responded to the scene and kept watch on the elephant while we waited for a vet from Amboseli National Park to arrive. The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust was able to bring their vet team in to tranquilize the bull for treatment.   


After attending to the infected area, a large arrow head was removed from the wound and decaying tissue from the toxins used on the arrow was cleaned out. This is one very lucky elephant, and we will be monitoring him to make sure he fully recovers.   


A big thank you to our dedicated teams, the Kenya Wildlife Service and the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust for their help and quick response. It’s great to see everyone pulling together to help save these magnificent giants. 

Feb 22, 2016 Update:

This is a picture of the bull this morning. He has been spotted by the aerial patrol several times since the treatment and is doing well. Thanks to the aerial patrols, he has been seen with both herds of bulls and breeding herds. We look forward to seeing him again! A wonderful testament to our work and the teamwork with the DSWT/KWS vet units.

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Watch Ivory Wars to learn more about our anti-poaching work on the ground.

To support our rangers and the anti-poaching work they do, please donate to the Wildlife Works Elephant Protection Trust:
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