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Improving on Education along Kasigau Corridor by Wildlife Works

Education! The key to success in life. The dream begins with the teacher who believes in you, who tugs and pushes to lead you to the next plateau. But for many rural Kenyan children who are fortunate enough to attend school, poor classroom environments threaten the foundation for learning at a basic level.

Teachers and students face overcrowding. Many schools have classrooms with over 100 students per session with leaking roofs or poor ventilation.

Wildlife Works, through the funds of our REDD+ Project, is trying to change this for as many schools as we can in our project area. Since we founded in 1997, we have been building, renovating classrooms, and making materials for the most needy schools in our protection area.

Screen Shot 2015-01-26 at 11.19.55 AM

Wildlife Works workshop employees making desks.

Most recently, Wildlife Works came to the aid of Wangalla pre-school in Miasenyi village. The children, who used rocks as tables and chairs, endured one rainy season by standing in the one corner of the room that was not drenched from the leaking roof. Wildlife Works’ workshop team focused their efforts on refurbishing the classroom and building 20 desks.

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The photos of the smiling children at the handover say it all! Wangalla Pre School kids posing for a photo on there new desks:

We are proud of all the schools we have been able to retrofit in the last 15 years. The following table shows the location, school and projects completed by Wildlife Works in the most recent 2 years, which represent the improved learning experience of over 8500 children.

Year Location School/Name Children Served Project
2013 Mwachabo Mngama Primary School  600-800 1 classroom construction.
2013 Mwachabo Shighadi ya Mwemba Primary School  600-800 1 classroom construction, office and toilets.
2013 Sagalla Mwambiti Primary School  600-800 1 classroom construction
2013 Sagalla Kajire Secondary School  300-600 1 classroom construction
2013 Sagalla Kileva Primary School  600-800 1 classroom construction
2013 Sagalla Mchang’a  Primary School  600-800 1 classroom construction
2013 Mwatate Mwatate Secondary School  300-600 1 classroom construction, 50 lockers and 50 chairs.
2013 Mwatate Mzwanenyi Primary School  600-800 4 classrooms renovation
2014 Mwatate Mwatunge Primary School  600-800 100 desks
2014 Mwatate Kipusi Primary School  600-800 16 desks
2012 Kasigau Moi High School  300-600 50 lockers, 50 Chairs and 50 beds
2014 Marungu Wangalla Pre School  30 1 classroom construction, 1 table, 1 chair and 20 desks.
2014 Marungu Marasi Primary School  600-800 5 classrooms renovation.
2014 Marungu Miasenyi Primary School  600-800 4 classrooms renovation
2014 Marungu Marungu Secondary School  300-600 1 classroom construction

Screen Shot 2015-01-26 at 11.20.08 AMScreen Shot 2015-01-26 at 11.20.17 AM

During the handing over of these projects, the parents, teachers, students, community, government and local leaders have expressed their gratitude to REDD+ Project for transforming the lives of the students. Through the effort and support from the community to protect the forest, REDD+ continues to elevate education standards in the Kasigau Corridor region.



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