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Update on Ijema Funan, Injured Ranger

Ijema was discharged from the hospital last week and for the first time since the surgery is showing no signs of fever. This is fantastic news, as it means that the antibiotics are fighting off any infection.

In fact, Ijema actually felt strong enough to go and do a bit of shopping on his own in the local town of Voi to pick up some bits and bobs. He’s been surprised and somewhat overwhelmed by the amount of visitors he has received, which have kept him pretty busy while trying to rest and recover. He is looking a lot better, and doctors seem pleased with the progress so far, but everyone knows it’s going to be a long healing process.

Wildlife Works continues to spare no expense to care for the health of Ijema and support both families through this tragedy; however, if you would like to make a donation to show support for and help these families continue to recover, you can do so at the following Webpage: Donations for the Family of Abdi Abdullahi Mohammed and for Ijema Funan.

All of us at Wildlife Works would like to thank you for your outreach and support during this terrible tragedy and throughout the healing process. Donations will be collected until Valentine’s Day, 14 February 2012. The donations and your messages will be delivered personally in March by the VP of African Operations, Rob Dodson, who has been overseeing Ijema and both families’ recovery.

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