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Sagalla Hill Tree Planting Program December 2010

By Silvester Mkamaganga, Foresterer Wildlife Works Carbon- 5th December 2010


Nayibingi Sports Club is a registered self-help group. It is located in Sagalla Hill, Voi District in Kenya. It started as a football club for youth but has since then branched into in to other areas in order to meet the needs of the village youth such as education, environmental conservation, drama and theater and other issues affecting the community. Through Nayibingi leader Robert Mwangala, Wildlife Works Carbon managed to participate in a tree planting program in the Sagalla community for the purpose of environmental conservation.


The main objective is of this program is environmental conservation and reclaiming the degraded land. Other objectives include:

1.     Assisting Organization and clubs to achieve their objectives.

2.     Promote good relationship with other stakeholders in environmental issues

3.     Improve networking to harmonize the environmental activities related issues


Tree seedling purchase and distribution

Tree seedlings were purchased from different tree nursery owners at a flat rate of Ksh 20/= per tree seedling. The tree seedlings were taken to different planting sites which have been decided by Nayibingi based on the decision made by planting site owners and Nayibingi. In institutions, pupils were supposed to dig planting holes and take care of the tree till when they can survive on their own. The community around also took the initiative and were supplied with tree seedlings to plant to their farms.

Summary of tree seedling purchase

Supplier CommunityPurchased Total Tree seedlings
L.Mwanyumba Teri 250
J.Kodi Teri 300
A.Mwata Teri 200
J.Mwachofi Teri 200
C.Kipande Teri 50
Total 1000



Summary of tree seedlings distributed


Planting sites Community Total Supply
Talio Primary Talio 150
ACK Talio Talio 100
Wray Primary Teri 200
Mlondo Primary Teri 200
Sagalla Primary Kishamba 200
R.Mwangala Teri 50
A.Mwagunga Teri 100
Totals 1000

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