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Wildlife Works Gives Paul Makau Mwanzia a Chance to Do What He Loves Most

Paul Makau Mwanzia, a father of two, has been mechanic at the Wildlife Works Kasigau Corridor REDD+ Project garage for over three years now. Together with his colleagues, he works to ensure that the company vehicles are in top-notch condition at all times. Lucky for Paul that repairing broken vehicles is his favorite thing to do because our vehicles get quite a beating in the rough Kenyan bush terrain.

Paul Makau Mwanzia at Wildlife Works' autoshop
Paul Makau Mwanzia at Wildlife Works’ Auto shop

We caught up with him at the garage to learn what he loves most about his job, what challenges him and what makes him smile. We also talked to him about his work and life before he joined the Wildlife Works ranks.

Paul was born in Kibwezi, Makueni County in 1973. He attended primary school at a local school in his village. Upon completing primary school education, it is the dream of every pupil to go to a good secondary school. Common in his rural community, Paul’s dream to pursue secondary education was derailed by financial constraints. Unlike many of his peers, he resolved to work hard and ensure that illegal gangs or idling was not part of his life. He believes that life is a jungle and everyone has to fight for their future.

Paul Makau Mwanzia and his Wildlife Works' Auto shop team
Paul Makau Mwanzia and his Wildlife Works’ Auto shop team

On weekdays, he worked at a nearby maize farm and on weekends, he traveled 6 miles each way to contract at a auto shop. Paul used his wages to pay his school fees at Kibwezi Polytechnic where he studied mechanics. He remembers how hard it was to juggle his education and busy work schedule. After graduating from the polytechnic, Paul worked for various mid-level businesses as a mechanic. He eventually opened his own shop, where Wildlife Works brought many cars for repair before asking Paul to join our own auto shop team.

Paul loves his work because of the quiet and encouraging environment. His favorite aspect of the job is the independence he has to perform his duties through self-management and without authoritative supervision. Paul also enjoys working and living with people from different walks of life through interaction with his co-workers.

Since starting at Wildlife Works, Paul has been able to take good care of his parents back in Kibwezi and most importantly, his wife and children. He has also recently completed studying Auto and Power Electronic at the Voi Technical Training Institute.

Paul Makau Mwanzia loves his job.
Paul Makau Mwanzia truly loves his job.

Apart from the great opportunity that Wildlife Works has given him, Paul is also appreciative of the REDD+ Project that has been able to transform the face of Kasigau. “If we all played our roles at protecting the environment, the world would be a much happier place for everyone,” Paul believes.

We are grateful to have Paul as part of the Wildlife Works team!

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About Wildlife Works Carbon:

Wildlife Works is the world’s leading REDD+ (Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation), project development and management company with an effective approach to applying innovative market based solutions to the conservation of biodiversity. REDD+ was originated by the United Nations (UN) to help stop the destruction of the world’s forests.

Over a 15 year history Wildlife Works established a successful model that uses the emerging marketplace for REDD+ Carbon Offsets to protect threatened forests, wildlife, and communities.

The company helps local landowners in the developing world monetize their forest and biodiversity assets whether they are governments, communities, ownership groups, or private individuals.

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