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Eco-Factory Expansion Progress

By JAMIE HENDRIKSEN-Carbon Operations Manager- 7th July 2011
The construction for our second eco-factory at our Kasigau Corridor REDD+ Project has begun.
All supporting pillars have been cast, ready to receive the roof trusses and verandah shades. Roof trusses have been fabricated and are ready to go up as soon as the floor slab is laid. Drainage, plumbing, steel ring beams and ventilation are all ongoing.
The slab for the factory floor is being laid today. Reinforcing mesh and spacers have been laid. The entire slab has to be poured in one day to avoid cracking from temperature changes. Forty locally employed staff are working on site today to ensure this gets done in time.
Mixing “karais” are filled and emptied into the mixer continuously for the duration of the day, keeping a non stop flow of concrete mix available for the masons.
With exception of the concrete mixer and a concrete vibrator, all other work is manual. Forty tonnes of construction gravel,  20 tonnes of sand and ten tonnes of cement are being mixed today and laid out.
Progress is good on site, and we believe we are on schedule for completion of the construction of the factory building by September.

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