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Production on our relaunch collection has begun!

For the first time in Wildlife Works’ 14 year history, we brought our screen printing process in house, making us the largest screen printing operation in Kenya outside of Nairobi. And here it is:

The temporary housing for our screen printing operation.
Staging and screen printing table.
Paschal washing the screens

I was reminded of power of pure human skill as I watched these guys produce what machines here in the west do in seconds. Peter, our color specialist, was able to mix and match a pantone color swatch by eye with 80% accuracy, on the FIRST try.

Since we didn’t have running water at this site, the newly exposed screens had to be sprayed off by hand with a handheld spritzer bottle. Not one guy complained about a hand cramp!

hand made screens
Working with Gilbert, the screenprinter.
Example of our graphic placement for one style.
Pile of films, which had to be printed in the US and hand carried to Kenya.

The site didn’t have lights set up either so the sun dictated our working hours.

Driving the guys home after a long day screen printing.

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