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Rangers Recruitment Day 1 at Kajire, Sagalla Hill – 5 November 2010

By Lara Cowan – Office Manager – 5th November 2010

Wildlife Works Rangers Recruitment Day 1 at Kajire 5 November 2010



Rob Dodson and Eric Sagwe adressing the participants

Total number of Community members participated 63.

22 of them were ladies!

All participants completed the Race.

The recruitment was held at Kajire to involve the communities of lower Sagalla: the people living in Ndara B and Kishamba B Community Ranches

The start at Kajire town

Our “First Lady” runner Mrs. Grace Vita Mwalumba – Congratulations to her!

Below the WWC Rangers assisting in the placement of the Runners by the ACK church at Kajire town. The run took place through town past the Primary and Secondary schools. There where many Cheers of encouragement.

This line is of the female community members waiting for interview having completed the fitness test. They where interviewed in the same position as they completed the Race.

All present were given copies of our September/October newsletter.

Thank you to everyone


  • Clauirde

    Ja ja!!! Kathy, se te nota muy feliz!!!obviamente, es el mes de tu cumple. (no te digo ficalidedes pues aqued se dice que no se debe festejar el cupleaf1os por anticipado. ased que esperare9. Sabes que mi hija Julia que vive en NZ. cumple 32 af1os el 8 de noviembre?!!!!!me encantf3 la primera fotografeda!!Te dire9que el paisaje es muy parecido a donde yo vivo. inclusive la semilla espinosa que este1 al lado de tu foto es muy comfan aqued. (la gente la sumerge en agua con anilina y la tif1e de colores)Bien, byeeeeeee!!!!!

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