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Karibu means Welcome in Swahili.

This is the pre pre relaunch blog of Wildlife Works, which was started in 1997 by the visionary Mike Korchinsky.

Wildlife Works Sancuary

Mike’s first trip to Africa for vacation 14 years ago launched him into a lifetime’s work to save Africa’s wildlife. He saw a cycle of violence between the rangers, poachers and wildlife that prevented any chance for long-term, sustainable solutions for the community. He quit the consulting company he started and sold, purchased 80,000 acres of land in East Kenya to build his vision for Wildlife Works, an apparel production company advancing economic and social solutions for communities where wildlife survival is threatened.

Currently, over 500,000 acres of land in Rukinga is under Wildlife Works’ protection and over 200 jobs have been provided, making Wildlife Works the largest job provider in the area of 45,000 residents.

We will be posting stories from the African bush where we are catching poachers, building schools, rehabilitating wildlife, saving trees and challenging the limits in sustainable fashion design.

Visit us often. Our new website, designs and Facebook page coming soon!

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