Wildlife Works strives to source as much of our raw materials from sustainable sources as possible and we design our products with this goal in mind.

For our relaunch line coming in Spring 2011, all of our fabric comes from Chetna Organic, a business collectively owned and operated by small to mediums size farmers spread across two states in India who trade in organic and fair-trade cotton. The materials are shipped to our eco factory and assembled by our fulltime employees or artisans within our project areas whose jobs enable our conservation objectives.

We can’t however, claim to be purists because there are still many limitations in sustainable sourcing. ¬†As we grow along side the sustainable fashion industry, we will be able to explore more options with the goal to convert to all sustainably produced materials.

Although every button, zipper or inch of thread may not be sustainably produced at this time, our promise to you is transparency. We will disclose every step of our production cycle, which will be carbon neutralized from raw material sourcing to how it gets to your front door.

We also promise to continually find alternative resources for sustainable materials to develop products that intersect high design and direct, long-term social impact in our project areas.

Your purchase of a Wildlife Works product makes you an active participant in wildlife conservation and of socially responsible commerce.

Our Consumer Powered Conservationsm model will soon be replicated in other parts of the world with upcoming projects in Zambia, Republic of Congo, and South America.

Meanwhile, see how the Wildlife Works eco factory in our Rukinga project area produces socially responsible fashion collections. Meet the women and men behind the Kenyan production line. Learn about our brand of sustainable production that saves forests and protects animals by clicking on the Responsible Fashion category on the right side nav bar.

Contact info (at) if you’re interested in producing your line with us.

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  1. am very excited that you will clothing available again soon!

    definitely tell us when you launch!

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